Urban Orchestra’s Musical Celebration & Fundraiser

urban orchestra


A musical revolution is underway and it’s happening right here in the East side. The Urban Orchestra brings classical music to audiences with a fresh perspective and intimate experience, seating people only a few feet away from the musicians. Kim Stockwood and Murray Foster, President of The Urban Orchestra, hosted a musical celebration and fundraiser at the Dora Keogh Irish Pub to build on the growing momentum the Urban Orchestra has earned with a demographic that is divergent from traditional classical music lovers. The pub was overflowing with enthusiastic guests vying for a spot that would allow for a view of musical acts: Barry Canning , Damhnait Doyle, Chad Murphy, Bob Strome, Lynn Kuo, Tory Cassis and The Cocksure Lads. The Urban Orchestra’s Musical Director, Greg Hawco, welcomed the crowd and thanked his dedicated team, including the evening’s hosts, Vice-President Catherine Davey, problem-solver Mary Krause and Public Relations coordinator Skaidra Puodziunas.

The Urban Orchestra kicks off the Riverdale Concert Series April 2018 at the Crow’s Theatre, a new theatre hub at Carlaw and Dundas.

Thank you to the exceptionally talented photographer, Rick O’Brien, who captured the evening, sharing his brilliant photos with snapd.

Check him out here: www.rickobrienphotographer.com. For more, follow: theurbanorchestra.com and @urban_orchestra on Twitter/Instagram/Youtube/LinkedIn for more information!

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