murrayspeakerIn 2014, Murray was forced to reinvent his life after 20 years on the road as a touring musician. In the past two years, he has written and produced a feature film, led the non-profit Our Place Initiative, served on the Toronto Music Advisory Council, and started the music-driven employee engagement company Choir Nation. He is a creative problem solver and an engaging speaker.

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Mary Krause
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Speaking and Workshop Topics

Second Acts: Finding the Next Steps in Your Career – When Great Big Sea retired, Murray used the skills he’d learned over 20 years on the road to create a new life.

Life in the Precariat: Lessons from the Creative Class – Spending your life at one comapny is a thing of the past, and many companies are now turning toward contract employees instead of hiring full-time staff. A life of precarious employment is one that artists understand all too well. Learn the skills they’ve honed to survive and thrive.

The State of the Music Industry – From digital downloads to changing regulations, the music economy is constantly shifting. Murray Foster provides an artist’s perspective, informed by a 20-year background with stints in two legendary Canadian bands.

Creative Fundraising – In order to make his first feature film, Murray relied on crowdfunding, private investors, and a successful Dragons’ Den pitch.

Songwriting Fundamentals – All-levels songwriting lessons focus on the tools you need to develop your songwriting in a supportive, collaborative environment. Learn the basics of lyric writing, melodic structure and chord concepts.

School Songwriting Workshop – School workshops tailored to any grade level or curriculum focus. Over the course of two hours, Murray takes students through the fundamentals of how songs come together, looking at lyrics, melody, choral singing, and song structure. Students then work in pairs to create their own songs, experiencing the inspiration and challenge of bringing a song from the idea stage to a completed song. Workshops are designed for up to 30 students in one session.