Toronto Noir

toronto noirMurray Foster played Plunk Henry in a theatrical adaptation of three short stories from the award-winning collection, Toronto Noir: TO seen through a film noir lense. (2009 Summerworks Festival Program)

Produced by: Cheeky Magpie
Presented by: The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwrights: Sean Dixon and Kim Moritsugu and Michael Redhill
Adapter: Heather Davies
Director: Heather Davies
Venue: The Theatre Centre (1087 Queen St W)

Torontoist  |  Panic Manual

The darkest and most interesting saga was probably the one of Plunk Henry, starring Murray Foster of Moxy Fruvous and Great Big Sea fame. As his character travelled from gig to gig to elevator shaft to drainage ditch, Foster charmed the audience with his wry delivery, striking stage presence, and seductive bass-playing.

KAORI FURUE Torontoist

It’s Foster, who’s best known for being a member of Moxy Fruvous and has been the bass player with Great Big Sea since 2002, who steals the show. His segment is the best, and he uses his double bass to great prop effect, mostly as a stand-in for the body he’s dragging around, and he deftly throws in a few tunes to boot.

Brian Panic Manual