Toronto Songwriting School Inspires Creativity

Snapd Beaches-Danforth

The Toronto Songwriting School is somewhat of a hidden gem in the East side. From beginners attempting to write their first song, to the experienced songwriter seeking greater understanding to help refine their skills, the Toronto Songwriting School provides opportunities to explore the nature of building a song and provides tangible skills to tap into and develop individual creativity.
Murray Foster, former bass player for the iconic Canadian band Great Big Sea, leads the school and openly shares his songwriting knowledge with budding musicians and seasoned singers, helping each student build on their creativity and flourish in their artistic endeavors.
He took his songwriting skills to the Trebis School and Seneca, where he quickly developed a full course curriculum to teach songwriting pedagogy. With his wealth of experience on and off stage with a successful band, and numerous winning songs under his belt, teaching songwriting was a natural progression. Murray opened the Toronto Songwriting School and participants have been flocking to the classes looking for guidance and techniques to build a song in a collaborative atmosphere. Many students have been attending songwriting classes for years and continue to develop as musicians in their own right. The Toronto Songwriting School offers small-group songwriting classes, private lessons, songwriter workshops, songwriting retreats, and songwriter showcase opportunities.

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